Dwinguler Playmat - Fairy Tale

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The Fairy Tale Land baby play mat takes fairytales out of a book and puts them on a fun, colourful and enchanting mat on which your little one will love to loiter. Sharing mat space with her is the legendary Riding Hood and her unmistakable red cape. And there’s Rapunzel letting her spun gold hair down from her high tower window. No child’s life is complete without dreams of a gingerbread house and gorgeous Russian castles. And let the Three Bears teach her the earliest lessons in life.  

The rich colours and graphics offer visual stimulation and aid your child’s sensory development. The play mat encourages your child to build a vivid imagination, but doesn’t just stop at that. The reverse side of the mat has alphabets and makes an interesting learning tool.
  • Tested to US and European safety standards, Fairytale Land playmats are made with high quality non-toxic materials. BPA Free, Lead Free, Phthalate Free, these playmats are not only eco-friendly but also absolutely safe for your baby.
  • The Dwinguler Fairy Tale Land Playmat has a non-slip surface. Multiple foam layers provide excellent cushioning for minor falls and tumbles.
  • The Dwinguler Playmat's cushion absorbs noise from footsteps and its thermal insulation prevents discomfort from children walking on a cold floor.
  • The Fairy Tale Land Playmats use special embossed patterns and reversible to give educational content on both sides for continued sensory development.
  • Dwinguler Playmats are soft, elastic, and slip resistant. With its patented cushioning, rolling, tumbling, sitting up, crawling, walking, and all the other physical activities are much safer and more comfortable on the mat.
  • Product Dimensions: 90.5 x 55.1 x 0.6 in
  • Shipping dimensions: 55.9 x 9.1 x 9.1 in; Shipping weight: 28 lb