Mobi DualScan Air Non-Contact Thermometer (1 Second)

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Mobi DualScan Air Non-Contact Thermometer (1 Second)

Dual mode/Non-contact readings
Bath water/Food/Room temperature reading
Fast results in 1 second
Large easy to read backlit digital display
Diagnostic high fever indicators
Memory recall of last 19 readouts
100% hygienic
Fahrenheit & Celsius mode
Auto shutdown
Batteries included (2xAAA)

To measure temperature via forehead, Select Forehead mode and simply hold one inch from forehead and Press the scan Button once. To measure Room, Bath water or food temperature, Select Surface / Object mode and hold one inch from object Press the scan button once.

For Best Result:
We suggest that the thermometer is stored for at least 30 minutes in the same room/area prior to taking temperature.
Do not drop, trample on, or cause any vibrations or impact on the thermometer.
Avoid touching the lens of the probe with your fingers. Do not disassemble the device by yourself.
Make sure there is no hair in the way or any liquid on the skin area being measured.
After exercising, eating, or bathing, please wait indoors for 30 minutes before measurement.
Please average all the temperature readings to obtain the most accurate result. The most number of continuous measurements recommended is three, as the human hand holding the thermometer may warm up the sensor, affecting the accuracy of the measurement.

The thermometer sensor is extremely sensitive. Any dirt and/or oil will prevent an accurate measurement. Check and clean the sensor regularly. Please clean the sensor with lint free cloth or cotton (Preferably soaked SLIGHTLY with alcohol).