Dreambaby Nail Clippers With Magnifying Glass Blue (L355)

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Dreambaby® Premium Nail Clippers with Magnifier are a great tool for reducing the stress in trimming your baby’s tiny nails. The magnifier allows for greater confidence and reduces eyestrain, and the handle is ergonomically designed to be easy and comfortable to use.
• Prevent painful accidents while clipping nails: children's nails grow so quickly and need to be trimmed often to avoid scratches and other harm they can cause.
• Increase accuracy and reduce eye strain: the cleverly designed magnifying glass allows adults to see the nails more clearly for a safer nail trimming experience
• Ergonomic handle is easy to hold: magnifying glass folds out of the way while the handle is comfortable to hold to allow for stability and easy-of-use. 
• No thick plastic body to hide clippers: some baby nail clippers have thick plastic bodies which may hide the clipper and make it difficult to see clearly to ensure trimming precision
• For over 30 years, dreambaby® has listened to the safety challenges of parents and caregivers throughout the world and has set out to provide safe and practical products to solve them.