Dreambaby Adjusta-Car Shade L293

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The Dreambaby Adjusta-Car - Shade Stretch-It, Shape-It, Fit-It is a brand new car shade that is not only flexible and easy to use, but provides excellent protection from the sun's glare without blocking the view.


  • STRETCH-IT, SHAPE-IT, FIT IT: Allows you to fit it securely to any shaped window. It stretches to a maximum of 18" high and 27" wide!
  • PROVIDES PROTECTION FROM DANGEROUS UV-RAYS AND ANNOYING GLARE: Excellent protection from the harmful sun’s rays, making it ideal for short or lengthy car trips
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Easy to use suction cup design is a breeze to apply to any window on any vehicle
  • MAKE SURE TO CLEAN THE WINDOW FIRST BEFORE APPLICATION: It will not suction as well to dirty windows. Simply wipe the window with a washcloth or wipe it down to ensure the suction cups can stick properly
  • For over 30 years, Dreambaby has listened to the safety challenges of parents and caregivers throughout the world and has set out to provide safe and practical products to solve them

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