Breathable Baby Pocket Swaddle Moisture Wicking Breathable Blanket -Blue Grey Swirl

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Soft and stretchy blankets for a comfy cozy fit, these Breathable Pockets waddle blankets with special pocket to keep your baby's feet inside are designed with exclusive high-performance fabric for a safer swaddle. Made from 100-Percent polyester moisture wicking breathable fabric, these swaddles help reduce the risk of overheating, a risk factor in SIDS. Includes, stylish print swaddle blanket with matching ribbon-trimmed pocket. Stays soft and stretchy with every wash. Measures 38" x 38". Breathable Baby is an industry leader of safer bedding products. Their products are designed to increase safety over conventional bedding products by eliminating the likelihood that a baby can get entangled in the crib slats, help maintain air access and reduce the risk of suffocation and climbing.