Baby Ddrops

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Oil drops are a traditional way to take vitamin D.

This lets people “fortify” food or drink for themselves. Parents can use this to give vitamin D to children or to spouses who don't want to take pills.

Canada's Food Guide now recommends that all adults over age 50 should be taking a vitamin D supplement, thus, a growing number of seniors-care facilities are adding Ddrops to food. Ddrops can even be licked or sucked off the back of the hand.

LIQUID vitamin D is easy to take, with no taste and it provides many options for how to get vitamin D. It is especially helpful for people who prefer to avoid the sun, or for those who just don't get out enought.

Vitamin D belongs naturally in oil, and stays pure and stable in it.

Ddrops helps people to follow the advice of their doctors about vitamin D. It also offers health professionals a lot of flexibility in how to suggest to a patient about how to take vitamin D.

Remove the cap from your bottle of Baby Ddrops.
Turn the bottle completely upside-down (as in figure on the left).
After a second or two, one 400 IU drop will fall onto the pacifier or mother's nipple.
Turn the bottle upright once the drop falls.
Allow your baby to suckle or breastfeed for at least 30 seconds
Put the cap on the bottle and store it upright.


  • The daily dose is merely one drop, it is in a pure oil with none of the flavouring that often upsets babies.
  • Baby Ddrops is a product that supports breastfeeding, one drop on the nipple provides your baby with the vitamin D recommended by pediatricians.