Mam Clip Blister Unisex C8461

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MAM baby pacifier clip attaches to baby’s clothing, ensuring baby’s pacifiers remain clean and secure. Pacifier clips are available in various colors and motifs and are compatible not only with MAM pacifiers, but also with other brands (Dr Browns, NUK, Avent, Tommee Tippee, Smilo, etc.), including ring handle pacifiers. MAM pacifier clips contain a removable silicone ring and a premium plastic sliding lock that allows for one-handed attachment to clothing and is safer than a pacifier clip made with metal. The fastener on this pacifier clip easily attaches to any pacifier while the clip holds firmly on baby’s clothes. Made from high quality, BPA-free materials, MAM pacifier clips do not damage clothing and are completely safe for baby to use. The extra lightweight and multifunctional MAM pacifier clip is easy to use and prevents the loss of baby’s pacifiers, teethers, toys, and accessories.

  • UNIVERSAL FIT: With removable flexible silicone ring, MAM pacifier clip is designed to fit any pacifier. Regardless of type of baby pacifier clip will fit with ring or with ribbon (MAM, Dr Browns, NUK, Avent, Tommee Tippee, Smilo, etc.)
  • KEEPS PACIFIER CLEAN: Baby pacifiers stay clean with this universal fit pacifier clip that clips securely to clothing. Also great for teethers.
  • DESIGNED FOR CONVENIENCE AND SAFETY: Premium plastic sliding lock allows one handed attachment or detachment of pacifier clip from clothing and is safer than sharp metal pacifier clips.
  • PREMIUM EUROPEAN MATERIALS: Made in Europe from high quality, 100% baby safe, BPA & BPS-free materials. MAM pacifier clips and all MAM products meet or exceed both U.S. & European safety standards.
  • Clip easily attaches to baby's clothes to keep pacifier clean, safe and within reach
  • Flexible ring fits all MAM pacifiers as well as competitor pacifiers with a knob or ring
  • Can be used with ring handle pacifiers once flexible ring is removed
  • Smart design enables one hand use
  • BPA-free