BabyLegs Legwarmers - Helena

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BabyLegs are 8cm wide x 33cm long (unless noted differently) and provide a comfortable fit for your sweet baby legs

One Size fits most Newborn to Tweens
Composition: Organic Cotton (65% - 90%), Latex-free Spandex, Nylon / polyester (depending on the design)

How do you wear your BabyLegs?
Makes diaper changing and EC'n a breeze
Perfect for diaper rashes when the child needs nakedy butt time
Promotes independence while potty training
Keep legs warm; great with carriers & strollers
Helps socks to stay on
Protect soft knees from harsh surfaces
Allows barefoot walking to help your baby develop balance
Light-weight sun protection
Extra layer for cool spring & summer nights, skiing, or camping
Great protection against bugs, i.e. moscitos
Toddlers will love them for playing dress-up
Extends wear of children's clothing
For sports, playgrounds, and dance class
Comfortable alternative to tights
Instant look of an undershirt!
Arm warmers for all! (Road Bikers, Kids, Adults, etc.)
Soothing for eczema and other skin conditions
Wear over bandages to keep child from removing
Provides compression for ice or heating pack
Helps to keep colic at ease
Wear over a cast to protect & individualize outer layer
Wear under a hospital gown to keep arms/legs warm
Keep elderly warm