Motorola MBP81SN Smart Nursery Nursery Alert Sensor 2pk

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Know when your little one is getting into mischief with the Motorola Smart Nursery Alert Sensor. Place this sensor on a door, window, drawer, baby gate, or more and receive notifications to your smartphone or tablet when it opens or closes.

Easy to use.
The Alert Sensor’s wireless, hub-free design makes it easy to use. Place these sensors on doors, windows, drawers, baby gates, or more.

Fridge has been opened!
Receive notifications to your smartphone or tablet when doors, windows, etc, open or close. With the Hubble app you can get an alert when your toddler is attempting to escape the nursery or when your preschooler is sneaking around in the dresser or the fridge. App can track multiple sensors.

Alerts on your mobile device.
The Hubble app allows you to track and receive alerts on compatible smartphones and tablets.