Avanchy Baby Bamboo Suction Plate&Spoon Pink

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Spoon with longer reinforced neck! Silicone tip no longer detaches from the bamboo handle. This lightweight, no-slip, beautiful bamboo baby plate is the solution for cleaner, splash-free meals. Press the Airtight-Lock mechanism onto the table and the plate will stay in place. Split into three compartments for more convenience. The silicone suction cup can be removed any time for cleaning or for using like a regular plate. This baby plate is sold with a bamboo spoon which has a soft, non-toxic end. Why bamboo? It’s simple: Unlike plastic, bamboo does not contain BPA, PVC, Phthalates and other substances that are not safe for children Bamboo is organic, biodegradable and easy to dispose of responsibly. By choosing bamboo, you are helping the planet Bamboo is anti-bacterial Despite its lightness, bamboo is surprisingly strong and durable Bamboo is water resistant* and does not absorb odors