Goumi Preemie Mitts P Diamond Dots 0-3lbs GK173

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Goumi believes in the power of small. Our small products make a big difference. Our organic, scratch free, antimicrobial mittens keep your child happy and healthy. Does your little one like to take off their mittens? It's no longer an issue. Our signature two-part closure system ensures their mitts stay put. Mittens fall off partly because little ones can pull them and partly because they're poorly secured. So no more lost mittens and scratched faces! Plus, we have a reversible black and white side that helps baby with brain & eye development. You’ll love these mittens and you won’t have to let them go—our mittens are adjustable for up to 3 months of growth. If you’re not already in love with Goumimitts, you should know we give 10% of our profits to help rescued human trafficking victims STAY RESCUED. We provide food, clothing, counseling, quality education, and support so that they can thrive and make new choices in life. Your purchase will improve both your child’s life and the lives of other vulnerables ones on our planet.

  • SCRATCH FREE & ANTIMICROBIAL: Goumimitts are designed to prevent harmful scratches and germs. Our innovative material is tough but soft to gently protect your child from scratches. It’s also naturally germ resistant, so your child stays healthy.
  • DESIGNED TO STAY ON: No matter how much your little one wiggles, our mittens will stay put. We use a signature two-part closure system that ensures your child can’t remove their mitts.
  • ORGANIC, SOFT, AND NATURAL: Our machine washable mittens are 70% bamboo-derived viscose and 30% organic cotton. We use only the best and most innovative materials to guarantee your child stays happy and healthy.
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT FOR STAGES OF GROWTH: Our mittens are adjustable through up to 3 months of growth. You have enough to worry about. With Goumimitts, new mittens won’t be a problem.
  • SUPPORTS BABY BRAIN DEVELOPMENT: According to the latest research in child development, your baby’s eyes aren’t mature enough to properly process color. Our high contrast patterns are simple enough for your baby to see, process, and be intrigued.