Salus Bijoux Baby Vest 9-25 lbs Blue

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Salus Bijoux Baby Vest - Infant Lifejacket

As a parent, safety is one of the most important considerations for our children. The Salus Bijoux Baby Vest's unique design offers unprecedented security, safety and comfort for babies 9 to 25 lbs. To accomplish this, Salus Marine had to step outside the confines of the existing standard to develop a superior product - the Salus Bijoux Baby Vest, infant lifejacket.

The one piece front design of the Salus Bijoux Baby Vest ensures that baby will turn face up in the water from a face forward position. The 3 piece collar cradles the head when lifted by the collar straps or while the baby is floating on their back. The Salus Bijoux Baby Vest has a mesh harness and a short front to provide enhanced comfort sitting upright, lying down or while positioned in a baby carrier.