Miscellaneous Cushy Closer Door Cushion - Natural

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We don't care how much noise a child can sleep through, there's something about the click of a doorknob or the rattling of a door that can break through even the deepest sleep. We were tired of putting a rag or sock in the door, so we created the Cushy Closer Door Cushion! With noisy husbands and kids running in and out, curious toddlers exploring door locks, pets stuck in or out of a room, noisy garage-to-house doors; we have found many more uses for our Cushy Closers over the years - what door in your home could use one?

  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in USA and Imported
  • Allows for quiet entry and exit through almost any door
  • Helps parents and caretakers avoid waking sleeping children
  • Eliminates the need to turn a doorknob
  • Muffles door sounds including slamming, rattling and closing
  • Prevents Children from locking themselves in a room