Cheeky Chompers Cheeky Blanket - Polka Dot Pink

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Cheeky Blanket By Cheeky Chompers 

Cheeky Blanket. It's not going anywhere! 
No more running over your own blanket. A luxurious practical and fun baby blanket with handy straps allow the blanket to be attached to a stroller or travel system, to ensure it cannot slip or be kicked off. Made from super soft printed jersey cotton with a luxurious cuddle fleece reverse, babies can snuggle in style and comfort at home or on the move. The thoughtful foot and hand pouch allows little hands and feet to be tucked in and kept cozy when out and about. A range of sensory tags on the outside of the pouch (and some cheeky hidden ones on the inside) stimulate, soothe and entertain little fingers. This unique design adds cheeky extras to an everyday baby essential to make life that little bit easier! 

• Attached - it's not going anywhere. The handly straps attach the Cheeky Blanket to a stroller or travel system to ensure it can't slip or be kicked off 
• Fleecy - snuggle in! Super-soft jersey cotton on one side and luxurious cuddle fleece on the other 
• Foot & hand pouches - practical & cosy. The innovative and super cosy hand and foot pouch keeps little ones tucked up on the move 
• Cheeky tags - sensory & stimulating. Sensory ribbons stimulate, soothe and keep cheeky little hands entertained 
• Machine washable at 40 degrees