Betta Baby Bottle Jewel P2 150ml

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Betta Baby Bottle Jewel P2 150ml - Pink / 150ml is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

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Mild-white bottle color and pink food in a gentle atmosphere. 150ml size that is safe even if you drink a little more from newborns. Recommended for those looking for a 120ml baby bottle. Plastic bottles are lightweight and hard to break, making them perfect for going out. Jewelry design as the name "Jewel". Like a jewel that sparkles with the angle of light, I wished that the future of the baby would also shine ...

Capacity 150ml
size 48/49 / 168mm
Material bottle: polypropylene
cap Food: Polypropylene
Nipple: silicon
and weighs about 48g
milk Kubimaruana
color Food: pink
cap: mint green
Producer Made in Japan