Betta Baby Glass Bottle Baby Shower 3 Brain Bottle Set Waffle Linen

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Handmade glass 200ml baby bottles made by domestic glass craftsmen are not easily damaged, so it is easy to keep hygienic and always clean. Recommended for delicate times that still can't be gone ♪ 120ml and 240ml PPSU bottles with impact resistance are light and convenient to carry. The amount of milk to drink increases, and when you go out where you have more opportunities to go out, it's a great set to be saved. This brain bottle comes with a brain nipple crosscut. A brain nipple round hole is included in the set as a replacement nipple so you can try both. “Brain nipples” made with the thought of the importance of soaking on the basis of the midwife's experience will stretch and fit the baby's mouth and tongue as the baby sucks. In addition to sugar bottles that can be used not only for baby bottles but also for baby dishes, colorful cap foods that can be enjoyed in various shapes, a dedicated brush set that can wash Dr. Betta baby bottles in every corner, and an adorable funnel It is the perfect set for gifts for home use ♪