Betta Straw Mug Circus One Pale Pink 200ml

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~ Finally appeared! Stepping up from baby bottles! Betta's straw mugs ~

Betta's baby bottle patrons have received many voices, and it is born after many years of twists and turns. This time, part design has been renewed this time! The image is "Circus" with lots of fun dreams. I was particular about the design that inspired the imagination of the kids each time I used it. Color is pink and two colors of green. It is wonderful to have different colors with your sister and brother. Function to be worried about is substantial, too. Designed to be easy to wash, so that you can always keep it clean. Easy to disassemble into parts, easy to assemble. It also boasts a slim form that does not take up a place, even in the bag of mommy.

Material Bottle / handle cap: Polypropylene (heat resistant 140 degrees) 
Suction straw / straw tube: Silicone rubber (heat resistant 130 degrees) 
Packing: Elastomer (heat resistant 120 degrees)
Color Pale Pink
weight About 118 g
size Approximately 6.7 cm in height × 11.5 cm in width × 15 cm in height
Country of origin Japan
please note ○ When using it, please use it as described in the manual. 
○ Only the handle cap can not be disinfected with microwave oven or chemical solution.