Betta Baby Bottle Brain Gioia 240ml

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Year of the year 2019. Betta zodiac bottle theme "GIOIA" (joy) themed. 

In Italian "GIOIA" means "delight". Families have increased, and I expressed a great joy in the bottle. The nipple attached to the bottle is the "brain nipple" attached to this bottle. It was made considering the importance of doing soccer. When the baby sucks, the stomach part stretches and fits the mouth and tongue of the baby. It is a nipple that can be drunk by moving the upper and lower jaws up and down like a mammy's nipple. The material of the bottle is a plastic PPSU with a transparent honey. It is strong against shock and heat, so there is no doubt that it will be a strong ally for beginner Mama and Ikempapa! Because it is lightweight, it is perfect for going out. Even if the amount to drink increases, it is safe to have one 240 ml size!

Capacity 240 ml
size 222/52/51 mm
Material Bottle: PPSU 
cap hood: polypropylene 
nipple: silicone
weight Approximately 65 g
Nipple neck Brain nipple (cross cut)
Color Food: GIOIA purple 
cap: GIOIA pink
Country of origin made in Japan