Lion Baby Toothbrush Disney 0yrs+

by Lion
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Description of item
◆ Product Description
-"Ultra-thin * & ultra-compact" head that can reach the back teeth easily even in small children's mouths
* Head thickness is 2.6mm, same as Advantage Habrush
-Rubber grip that is easy to hold with a pen grip
・ Slim handle that is easy to move
・ The softness of the hair is gentle on the child's mouth
・ The handle color is two colors, blue and pink.

◆ Raw materials
Pattern material: Body: Polyacetal, Rubber: SBC, TPC
Hair material ... Nylon

◆ Standard Overview
Hair hardness ... soft
Heat-resistant temperature ... 80 degrees

◆ Notes
To parents
・ Please instruct us to move it in small steps with light force.
・ If a strong force is applied, such as biting a toothbrush, the hair may come off or break.
・ Take care not to run or play with a toothbrush in your mouth.
・ Up to about 9 years old, parents should finish polishing.