Lion Bendable Baby Toothbrush Disney 0-2yrs

by Lion
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Lion Bendable Baby Toothbrush Disney 0-2yrs - 0-2yrs is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

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You can make a habrush habit with peace of mind
(How to use etc.)
● Use your hair tips well and lightly wiggle. Excessive force can also damage your gums.
(Precautions, etc.)
“To parents” ● Please instruct us to move and wiggle lightly. ● If a strong force is applied, such as biting a toothbrush, the hair may come off or break. ● Be careful not to run or play with the toothbrush in your mouth.
(Raw materials, etc.)
Pattern material Body: Polypyropyrene Rubber part: SBC, Polypropylene bristle material Nylon bristle hardness Soft heat resistant temperature 80 degrees