Edison Mama Portable Utensils Set with Case (Blue)

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Trio Set Working Car / Tableware / Cutlery / Brand: Edison Mama / ● Lots of ingenuity stuck to "easy to open / close, easy to use, and easy to wash". ● It is a set to support children who have entered and entered school. -Natural wooden chopsticks: Hexagonal shape that can hold a pencil, with finger guidelines! It also comes with a non-slip finish for easy gripping! Every time you use authentic natural wooden chopsticks, you will love it. ● Fork: grooved and slippery ● Spoon: shape that can be eaten neatly to every corner. It fits on a flat surface and can be neatly scooped. ● Case: Child-friendly finger is hard to pinch and is easy to take cutlery. Designed to be easy to wash on a flat surface that is gentle to moms.