Edison Mama Feeding Spoon 3pcs

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[Details of baby food spoon set of 3]
-This product is a set of 3 kinds of baby food spoons that are easy to crush and hold.
● It can be used for a long time from the start of the baby food, from the cum period to the mogu mogu period, and to the fluffy period.
● It has a long handle that makes it easy for moms to grip, making it easy for children to eat. It also has a smasher function that allows you to crush ingredients on the spot while eating.
● When placed upside down, the part that enters the mouth does not touch the table, so it is hygienic.
● Microwave oven, boiling disinfection, dishwasher OK.
● Okayu / paste-like spoons are easy to put in your mouth and are easy to eat.
● Side dishes and soup spoons are large enough to be eaten when the amount of a bite increases, so the soup and ingredients are easy to scoop up and do not spill.
● Retort and soup spoons are shaped so that only the ingredients can be stored or crushed, with holes and excess water and oil dropped.

[Set details]

3 types of spoons
Case: 1 pc

[Ingredients for a set of 3 baby food spoons]
Body: Polypropylene
Case: Polypropylene

[Standard Overview]
Body heat-resistant temperature ... 140 degrees
Case heat resistance temperature: 120 degrees
Target age: 5 months

・ Children may behave unexpectedly, so be sure to use it where the guardians and leaders can reach.
・ If there is a scratch, breakage or crack, stop using it immediately.
・ Be sure to clean before and after use. Use a soft sponge and dishwashing detergent for cleaning. Do not use scouring powder or scrubbing brushes as they may damage the product.
・ Do not use an open flame, oven grill, or microwave oven. Only microwave disinfection is possible. When sterilizing a microwave oven, follow the instructions for use of the product.
・ Do not place on the fire side. It may cause deformation or damage.
・ Do not use for any other purpose.
・ Do not drop or place heavy objects on top. It may cause damage.
★ spoon
・ Take care not to put your fingers, tongue, or teeth in the gap between the spoons with holes.
★ Case
・ When closing the case, be careful not to get your child's fingers caught.
・ Do not use a dishwasher or dish dryer. Do not put it in boiling water or boil it. It may cause deformation.
* Please keep the package without throwing it away.
* Failure to follow the precautions may result in an accident.