Edison Mama Homemade Cooking Set

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Cooking set that can be used for a long time from making baby food! Supporting the first meal of mother and baby. It is a set that can be used from baby baby food start to adult menu. ● Size Mama can be made a lot and it's easy for mommy to cook. ● Microwave cooking. Steam in the range, crush it, and leave it as it is. It is very convenient that you can save it as it is. ● Nagato can be used. A simple design for adults that can be used as a home cooking appliance for a long time even after graduating from baby food. ● Cooking and crushing ● Rubbing ● Kiru and grated ● Boil ● Muscle ● Lid Useful for steaming or boiling with steam holes. ● Cooking spoon A shape that is easy to crush and rub on the flat surface and the uneven shape. ● Cut and grated plate A plate that can be used for grated vegetables and fruit juice, and for slicing boiled vegetables. Convenient for draining when combined with a meal bowl. ● Back plate When you want to make boiled vegetables and porridge into a paste-like paste. ● Steamed plate Plate for placing ingredients such as steamed dishes, thawing and warming. ● Meal bowl Convenient dish that can be used for both cooking and dining. It is easy to crush with a bumpy shape. The bottom is diagonal and soups gather naturally. It is easy to scoop inward. [Material] Lid, cut and grated plate, steamed plate, meal bowl, cooking spoon ... polypropylene Back plate ... polypropylene, stainless steel [Heatproof temperature] 140 degrees [Disinfection] Boil disinfection OK [Dishwasher] OK [Microwave compatible] * Microwave oven can not be used only on the back plate [Note] ・ Before using, be sure to read the instruction manual in the attached recipe book and use it correctly. ・ Children may behave unexpectedly, so be sure to use it where the guardians and leaders can reach. ・ Store out of reach of children. ・ Do not use an open flame, oven grill or toaster. It may cause deformation or damage. ・ Do not place on the fire side. It may cause deformation or damage. ・ If there is a scratch, breakage or crack, stop using it immediately. ・ If you add dark foods, they may have a color or smell. ・ If you store a strong odor, the odor may remain in the container. ・ This product is not a sealed container. Keep the container horizontal. ・ Do not drop or place heavy objects on top, as this may cause damage. ・ Be sure to clean before and after use. Use a soft sponge and dishwashing detergent for cleaning. Do not use scouring powder or scrubbing brushes as they may damage the product. ・ The attached recipe book is for children without food allergies. If you are suspected of having an allergy or have been diagnosed, follow your doctor's instructions. ・ Do not use for any other purpose.