Edison Mama Disposable Baby Bib 8pc

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Firmly guarded with a three-layer structure!Water is firmly blocked by a safe three-layer structure of non-woven fabric, pile and polyethylene!Apron convenient for going out and eating at home. Because it is a disposable type, it can be used cleanly at any time.● Folded pocket to catch food spills.-Fits the body with a neck cut.● The neck can be adjusted with a sticker that can be re-applied.● With a seal to prevent misalignment of the tummy.[Material]Nonwoven fabric, pulp, polyethylene[Size]350mm x 240mm[how to use](1) Turn over the pocket on the back and make a spilled pocket.(2) Cut along the perforation.(3) Remove the peeler from the sticker. You can put it on top of your child's neck or put it on clothes directly.(4) Remove the peel-off sheet from the tummy slip prevention sticker.[Note]・ Do not use for any other purpose.-The style is not breathable. Keep away from the child's face.・ Please be sure to use it where the guardian can reach.・ When adjusting the length around the neck, do not force it.・ If excessive force is applied, the product may be damaged. ,・ When re-applying the tape, do not pull the tape part strongly.・ Do not use or place near fire.・ Do not flush into the toilet.・ Replace every time after use.・ Store out of reach of children.-If you store the product after it is folded, it may cause folding lines.