Thera Wise Adult Tooth Brush 315920

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  • ✅ NO TOOTHPASTE NEEDED ► Due to the Ionic Effect, more plaque and biofilm are removed from the tooth surface with just a water rinse than a conventional toothbrush. Toothpaste can be used with this brush however it is not necessary for successful brushing.
  • ✅ MOUTH MOISTURIZING PROPERTIES ►The Thera Wise Adult Brush selectively helps to eliminate the buildup of pathogenic bacteria in the mouth creating a healthier mouth microbiome that can address conditions that lead to mouth dryness and bad breath.
  • ✅ NATURALLY ANTIBACTERIAL ►Do you leave your toothbrush in the bathroom? Do you travel regularly and need to take a toothbrush on the go? Every worry about re-infecting yourself after a cold or flu when brushing your teeth. Worry no more, the Thera Wise Adult brush is naturally antibacterial and protects against the buildup of pathogenic bacteria that can make you sick.
  • ✅ ULTRA SOFT BRISTLES FOR SENSITIVE TEETH & GUMS ► The ultra-soft bristles and special Flex Neck ensure safe and effective brushing for healthier teeth and gums making this brush suitable for those with teeth and gum sensitivities.
  • ✅ FLEX-NECK DESIGNED FOR COMFORT AND SAFETY ► The ergonomically shaped handle and strategically placed rubber grip offer optimal dexterity and agility with the easy hold rubber grip and balance that allows more fluid fine movements.