Little Butterfly Wrapped in Love Calming Anti-pollution Baby Face Cream 50ml

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Providing an ultra-protective shield between innocent skin and harmful pollutants, our organic-certified face cream not only supports and defends baby’s fragile dermal barrier but, with its divine creamy texture, delivers the ultimate in nurturing and pampering too.

The innovative formula is infused with a unique blend of precious botanicals and patented bio-actives, combining moringa tree that gently lifts micro-particles to maintain skin’s purity and softness, and candeia tree extract that further protects from daily environmental stress.

Anti-inflammatory oils of borage and evening primrose relieve dryness, itchiness or flakiness, whilst anti-irritant extracts of horse chestnut, meadowsweet and calendula comfort, calm and settle even the most sensitive skin. Anti-oxidant oat kernel extract soothes and lightly moisturises, ensuring blissfully cossetted and contented skin.


• Effectively shields precious skin from harmful environmental pollutants
• Gently removes external impurities
• Supports baby’s fragile epidermal function
• Anti-inflammatory to alleviate and soothe dry, itchy or flaky skin
• Anti-irritant to calm and settle even the most sensitive skin
• Deliciously creamy, nurturing and moisturising


• Suitable for newborn, eczema-prone, ultra-sensitive and reactive skin.
• Also perfect for sensitive adult skin.


• Lusciously creamy, leaving baby’s delicate skin feeling soft and pampered.
• With just a mere whisper of fragrance, derived from the natural botanicals.