Toydriver Screwdriver for Toys

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Toydriver is a small, battery operated screwdriver specifically for those pesky screws on all toy battery covers. An all-in-one solution, Toydriver's magical-sized bit replaces small to medium-sized screwdrivers you have at home! Now kids can get back to having fun faster and no more toys are put out to pasture because of a dead battery. Toydriver's long and narrow bit reaches recessed screws perfectly. Right amount of power won't strip small screws. Warning: Not a Toy, For Adult Use Only.

  • Great add-on item when gifting a toy with batteries!
  • Change toy batteries easily and quickly.
  • Easy to access small, recessed screws
  • Won't strip small screws with too much power.
  • Small size fits comfortably in hand.
  • Can be used for computers, electronics and home office.
  • Bits store in base of screwdriver.
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries
  • Adult Use Only