Playwell ROAMING DINO Dinousar Wind Up Toy - Yellow

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ROAMING DINO Dinousar Wind Up Toy 

Wind these cheeky dinosaurs up and watch them stomp across the floor, or table. These adorable brightly-coloured wind ups come in four different dino designs. Great for dinosaur obsessed kids, or for learning about how wind ups work and stored energy in spring coils. 

Age: 5 + 
Wind Up Roaming Dino. Measures approximately 7cm long or high. Comes in four different dino designs and assorted colours. A random design and colour will be selected for your order. 

Like all wind ups, these stomping dinos work by storing muscle energy in a spring coil. As you wind the handle, the tighter the internal spring/coil becomes (it has stored or potential energy). When you stop winding the spring/coil quickly unwinds, releasing the stored energy in the form of kinetic (moving energy), and off your dino goes. 

Kinetic (movement) and potential (stored) energy. 
Science of toys – coiled, spring or wind up energy. Materials and design. 
Repeatable mechanical deformation.