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Medela’s range of PersonalFit Breastshields allows mothers to  choose the breastshield that is the right size for them, to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency while pumping.

  • For larger or smaller than average nipples – because one size does not fit all
  • Convenient for travelling or to have extras on hand for less cleaning

Benefits of a correct fit
A correctly fitted breastshield avoids compression of any milk ducts during pumping to ensure optimal breast emptying and maximum milk output. This will help a mother to maintain her milk production and support her lactation. 

Criteria of a correct fit
With the following checklist a mother can easily check if she is using the right breastshield size:

1. Center the nipple in the breastshield tunnel.
2. Turn on the pump and check the following points:

  • Is her nipple moving freely in the tunnel?
  • Is minimal or no areolar tissue being pulled into the tunnel of the breastshield?
  • Does she see a gentle, rhythmical motion in the breast with each cycle of the pump?
  • Does she feel the breast emptying all over?
  • Is her nipple pain-free?