Little Green Pouch 7oz x 4 Pouches

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Little Green Pouch Reusable Food Pouch - 7oz/210ml - 4 ct

-Easy to Fill! Zipper sealed at the top so the pouch can be opened & filled with up to 7 Oz of your favorite pureed foods. For the 1st use, remove cap & blow into pouch to expand it to its full, supple shape!
-Re-usable! Made of durable, BPA-free, PVC-free & phthalate-free plastic. They are built to withstand those beatings that only young children can give & (after cleaning) take some more.
-Dishwasher Safe! Just prop them upside down over the tongs on the top shelf of your dishwasher. For best use, we recommend rinsing all the homemade spinach surprise out of the pouch and spout before running the cycle.
-Freezer-Safe! If you like to cook homemade baby food in big batches, why not fill up a bunch of our reusable pouches and pop them in the freezer for later use? You can defrost them in warm water when you are ready to enjoy. Or, pack them as freezer packs in your lunch in the morning – they’ll be ready for squeezing by the afternoon.
-Easy to Squeeze! The size and suppleness of our reusable baby food pouch makes it great for use by those darling little hands.

Product description

* 7 oz capacity--2+ baby meals or 1 big-kid lunchbox snack 
* Durable & long lasting--50+ uses per pouch with proper care 
* Easy to fill--no filling station to buy or clean 
* Double-strength zip seal--leak proof; baby proof 
* Top-fill pouches--easy to fill; free-standing when full 
* Dishwasher safe--rinse first, then wash upside down in the top rack 
* Freezer safe--just fill and freeze; doubles as lunchbox ice pack 
* Baby friendly--rounded edges; safe cap; easy to grip & squeeze 
* Cute but not cutsie--even Dad won’t mind snacking from a Little Green Pouch! 

* Babies (4+ months)--perfect for homemade baby food purees, yogurt, applesauce 
* Toddlers--blend a complete Real Food meal, put it in a pouch! 
* Big kids--fun lunchbox accessories 
* Adults--take easy Real Food nutrition for hiking, hiking, breakfast on the run 
* SCD/GAPS diet--keep your safe, puréed foods ready to travel 


* Wastes less plastic--each 4-pack of refillable Little Green Pouches keeps 194 single-use pouches out of the landfill! 
* Smart materials--no BPA, lead, phthalates or PVC = good for your family, good for the planet 

* Perfect lunch tote and lunchbox accessories 
* Portable, reusable food storage containers for purees 

Safety warning

Do NOT microwave pouch. To warm contents simply place filled pouch in a bowl of hot water. Keep the cap out of the reach of children 3 years of age and younger.