Safety 1st Deluxe Nursery Care Kit (49140GRN)

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Safety 1st Deluxe Nursery Care Kit (49140GRN)

The Deluxe Nursery Care Kit from Safety 1st contains 7 essential items for taking care of your little one and groomed as well on the go.

Kit Contains
• Digital Thermometer (in Celsius) with Protective Case: Designed for oral, rectal, or underarm use.
• Newborn Nasal Aspirator with a soft flexible tip and gentle suction action make removing excess mucus easier helping your baby breathe easier.
• Medicine Dropper with Spill Guard helps provide accurate dosage readings without messy spills
• Easy-to Grip Medicine Spoon with clear markings for ease of dispensing medicine
• Emergency Information Card, a must-have for families with children
• Fold-Up Nail Clippers with an easy grip handle and curved cutting edges to effectively trim your baby's nails.
• Zippered Travel Case for travel and storage on the go