Aden + Anais Dream Blanket Jurassic

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Born out of the aden + anais creative studio at our Brooklyn headquarters, aden + anais white label reflects a distinctive downtown vibe infused with a bit of cheeky Aussie wit inherited from our Australian-native founder Raegan Moya Jones. The highly-curated line features a fresh aesthetic with unique watercolor-inspired prints and eye-catching color palettes.

For generations parents have cared for their babies with muslin. Breathable, versatile and soft as a mother touch, the do-it-all fabric helps simplify what can be a chaotic time. No matter how you are using our 100% cotton muslin swaddle-stroller cover, burp cloth or nursing cover to name just a few-it surrounds your little one in comfy goodness round the clock.

Not only is our swaddle hard working, but it gets better with age too. Our muslin is pre-washed so it is super soft from the start and gets even softer each time you wash it. Created by a mom on a mission to comfort babies in the best way possible while making parents lives simpler, our award-winning original swaddle continues to set the standard worldwide.

Ways of Using

  • Burp cloth: with its generous size, our swaddle blanket moonlights as a burp cloth that offers maximum coverage. The breathable, soft fabric keeps your little one comfortable for as long as it takes you to get the elusive burp. It is also great to have on hand to wipe up spills and spit ups.
  • Tummy time blanket: big enough to accommodate exploratory rolls and soft enough to comfort delicate skin, a breathable swaddle blanket is the perfect place for mini muscles to get an impromptu workout.
  • Nursing cover: thanks to its open weave, our breathable muslin prevents baby-and mom- from overheating while nursing, creating a private comfortable space for on-the-go feedings.
  • Stroller cover: whether you are creating a shady oasis or a stimulation-free space for a midday slumber, our breathable muslins open weave allows for airflow, keeping baby comfy while nestled in a covered stroller.
  • Changing table cover: our muslin is not only durable, but it gets even softer with each wash, making it the ideal cover for changing tables-yours, a friend, a public restrooms-where messy moments are inevitable.
  • Swaddle: we truly believe that the comfort and security babies feel when swaddled is universal. It is said to be familiar to them, as it recreates the secure and cozy feeling of the womb, helping little ones to sleep longer and more soundly. Learn how to become a master swaddler here.


  • One cotton muslin blanket
  • Four layer
  • Size: 47 x 47 inches / 120 x 120 cm
  • Machine washable
  • Soft: pre-washed and gets softer with every wash
  • Breathable: helps reduce the risk of overheating