Micro Mini Deluxe Kickboard 2-5yrs - Orange MMD008

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Mini Micro Deluxe Orange scooter was developed in collaboration with Swiss medical experts and is designed for pre-school children aged 2 to 5 years. 
It is a sports toy that not only promotes movement and exercise, but thanks to a special mechanism helps children improve balance, coordination and motor skills. 
Mini Micro Deluxe Orange scooter is orange in color, so both boys and girls like it. It has an orange handle, a metallic orange control rod and an orange treadmill with a light orange Micro sign. 

The control rod is adjustable in height from 48 to 68 cm above the ground. It can be easily and quickly removed from the tread plate at any time, saving space for carrying or storing the entire scooter.
The uniqueness of the Mini Micro Deluxe children's scooters is in a special patented mechanism that turns the tilt of the control rod and lightly transfers the balance. With this system, children improve balance, coordination and motor skills. Children quickly understand the cornering principle and can participate in "races" with older children and siblings. The control rod is rigid and does not rotate for safety reasons (such as a wheel). It serves as a stable and solid support for driving and driving. 
The handlebar grips have a protective element at the edges that prevents the hand from slipping to the side, protects the fingers when passing firmly around obstacles, but also protects the car's paintwork when the rider does not estimate it.

The tread plate is reinforced with fiberglass and has an anti-slip layer on the upper side for safety reasons. All board edges are rounded to prevent manipulation injury. A tread brake and reflective elements are located on the rear of the plate above the rear wheel. 

Mini Micro Deluxe Baby Scooter has 3 wheels for good stability and ergonomics in reflection. The two front wheels are bigger (120 mm) for better overcoming of unevenness. The rear wheel is smaller (80 mm) and is positioned in the center so that it does not interfere with the leg even when reflected.