Mombella Octopus Teether& Gum Massager Powder Blue 20031

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THE BEST TEETHER FOR YOUR BABY: The Doo Octopus is the safest way to help your baby ease the pain of the teething period. Each tentacle has a different texture for the best results. The variant sized bumps on top and bottom of the toy will keep your babies busy as they can explore the whole teether with their tongue, while the tentacles offer a relieving massage to their swollen gums.

THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: Thanks to the smart design of the DOO-Octopus, this teether won’t slide out of your baby’s mouth like all the others do. The hollow and lightweight design of the doo-octopus is perfect for your baby’s little hands as it is super easy to grip. The textured tentacles can also work as your baby’s first toothbrush!

UTMOST QUALITY: When it comes to the care of your baby, you simply go for the best! This amazing teether is made by FDA approved food grade silicone, while it is certified for being BPA free, lead free, 6P free and toxic free. This adorable teether is completely safe for your baby as it is made exclusively of 100% organic material and there is no choking hazard for your little one!

DURABILITY & CONVENIENCE: Feel free to clean this amazing teether in the washing machine. Thanks to its great quality it will never wear out or lose its vivid colours. You can also sterilize the toy in the microwave! Finally, the teether is freezer safe- the cool teather will sooth even more the sore gums of your baby!

PRAISED AS THE BEST TEETHER BY THOUSANDS MOTHERS: This great product has been loved by mothers and babies all over the world! In the Incredible Infant website, with more than 6,700 subscribers the Doo Octopus was voted as the best teether. With more than 10 years experience on baby products and the approval of thousands mothers, you have every good reason to give it a try!