Hoppetta Six Layer Gauze Swaddle and Sleeping Bag Champignon 3M-3Y 5369

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Hoppetta Six Layer Gauze Swaddle and Sleeping Bag Champignon 3M-3Y 5369 - Champignon / 3M-3Y is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

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This is useful items that can be used also as a sleeper as well as swaddling.
[Body size] Length about 58cm, (until around to 3-year-old newborns) Width about 32cm
[Country of manufacture] Japan
[Material] Cotton 100%

[Material]: 100% Cotton (6-fold gauze)
[Size]: Length about 58cm, (until about newborn to 3 years of age) Width about 32cm
[producing countries: Japan
[feature]: champignon (champignon) series of swaddling Sleeper expressed in weaving a lucky item of Northern Europe. As swaddling clothes when the
newborn, as Sleeper until I was 3 years old, you can use a long time to match the growth. 6 double gauze material that combines the warmth and
breathable, you can use all year round.
champignon the meaning of mushrooms in French. Champignon, which means the meaning of mushrooms in
French (mushrooms) pattern is cute!
is recommended for baby gifts to friends and acquaintances and grandchildren.

· colorful mushroom motif is very popular. Stylish plaid peep from the back and glanced.
· boy, you can use it regardless girl. Easily removable in
· front snap button, you do not have even Hadakeru worry about a hug. By removing the snap button of
· feet, You can use it as a sleeper until about 3 years old. Since
· Hadake not specification, also safe protruding from the futon. To prevent Nebie.

Features of 6-fold gauze] plump feeling up by overlapping to 6 layers of different gauze of
· weave.
· embezzlement, we will familiar with the soft skin as wash.
· quickly absorb sweat when hot, in winter you can use all year round because of the warmth. Attitude of

* colors and patterns will vary depending on the product, please understand it.
· Washing notation: washing machine (using net)