Summer Infant Peek™Internet Baby Camera Set Monitoring System

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Peek™ Internet Baby Camera Set Monitoring System by Summer Infant. 
Peek in on your baby anytime, anywhere with the all new Internet Baby Monitoring System by Summer Infant. With 
the Internet Baby Monitoring System and an Android phone you always have access to your baby when you are 
not there. Great for working parents, long distance family members and friends! Simply log-in with your secure 
unique user name and password and voila! Your baby becomes the main attraction on your android phone. 
VIEW and HEAR the camera set-up in your home direct 
from your android phone. 
VIEW in both landscape and portrait mode SNAPSHOT tool allows you to capture photos that store to your android phone. 
SHARE secure username and password login with family and friends. 
note max of 3 users are allowed at one time 
TIME OUT feature will notify you after 5 minutes of viewing 
LOG OUT at anytime when finished viewing