Kizingo Right Handed Toddler Spoon Double

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Parenting is hard. Mealtime shouldn’t be. As moms ourselves, we at Kizingo know how difficult it can be to feed your child. Picky eaters and the mess from poorly designed kids utensils are only the beginning. KIZINGO products are designed specifically for young kids, to encourage important motor skills. Allowing children to hold and use their own utensils can encourage self-feeding and the development of healthy mealtime habits. It’s easier to create a healthy habit than change a bad one. Over the last 3 decades, obesity rates in the US have tripled. Of children aged 2-5 years old, nearly 23% are overweight or obese. Among those that are, there is a 60% chance that this will continue into adolescence. The period when kids are learning to self-feed is a crucial period when food habits are established. Patterns created during this period influence eating behaviors all the way into adulthood. It is critical to provide the right tools for children to learn to self-feed successfully. Yet, traditional toddler utensils are a poor match for little hands, whose fine-motor skills are still developing. Long, straight handles make self-feeding frustrating for kids and messy for parents. As a result, parents often take over feeding and may overfeed their little ones in an attempt to ensure their kids are getting the right nutrition. Our kids utensils are uniquely curved to easily fit into toddler’s hands. Our toddler spoons are made in Albany, New York, from FDA approved BPA/PVC/Phthalate-free polypropylene, and with no lead or latex, they have passed the most rigid safety standards. The design molds and product packaging are produced in the USA. Our customers are our greatest ambassadors. Kizingo will gladly provide a full refund on your unopened order within 30 days of your purchase if you are not satisfied, but we are certain that our toddler spoons will be a fun valuable tool for your little one during these very important years of growth and development.

Product Features

  • SELF-FEEDING BABY SPOONS – Parenting is hard but mealtime doesn’t have to be. With our uniquely designed baby spoons, the transition to self-feeding is easier than ever. Our toddler utensils have special curved handles to fit toddlers’ hands better than other baby utensils. Toddlers balance their own diets, as increased control can decrease pickiness. Our spoons also help develop important motor skills.
  • FIGHT OBESITY – Self-feeding toddlers are less likely to overeat. Concerned parents often unknowingly overfeed their babies in an effort to make sure their little ones get enough nourishment. Now, one out of three children is overweight before they turn five years old. With our baby spoon, your toddler will stop eating when they are full, not just when you stop giving them food.
  • STYLISH TODDLER SPOONS FOR EITHER HAND – The futuristic design of these kids spoons meet all of your needs. They are more functionally effective, work for righties and lefties, and come in your child’s favorite color. Right-handed spoon colors are available in Blueberry, Beet, Carrot, Peas, Grapefruit, Water, Lemon, and Eggplant. Left-handed spoons are Milk, Water, or Grapefruit colored.
  • DISHWASHER AND MICROWAVE SAFE – We made our spoons with you, the parent, in mind as well. These toddler spoons are completely dishwasher safe, giving you one less mess to clean up after mealtime. Our durable plastic spoons are also easy to clean by hand when you don’t have time to wait for a load. Don’t worry about accidentally microwaving this spoon; it’s also microwave safe.
  • FDA APPROVED – We know that plastic baby spoons must be safe for such little immune systems. Made in the USA to ensure safety, our toddler spoons are FDA approved BPA free and PVC/Phthalate-free. Our polypropylene material has passed the most rigid safety standards. Also free from lead and latex. Kizingo toddler spoons are intended for use by children ages 9 months and older.