Baby Ktan Original Carrier Black

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  • cotton
  • Imported
  • The original unwrapped baby carrier: Ready to use outside the box, easily switches between five different transport positions without the confusion or frustration of a traditional baby carrier. The Baby K'tan baby carrier has a patented double loop design, natural cotton fabric and a unique one-way stretch, slides like a T-shirt and is comfortable and safe for premature babies, newborns, infants and toddlers. Safe for babies up to 35 pounds.
  • Suitable for you: From XXS to XL, the size of the Baby K'tan baby carrier is suitable for parents or adults who carry the baby; The age or weight of the child is not a factor. Use the size chart. Each person has a different form. Like clothes, some people can fit in more than one size or fall between sizes. If you are between sizes or you are not sure of the size, please select one size less. Cotton fabric has more elasticity than structured conveyors. Use the size before pregnancy to determine the size of your Baby K'tan baby carrier.
  • Healthy and safe hip: The International Institute of Hip Dysplasia has recognized the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier as a "healthy hip" product when used as directed. The wide fabric loops of the Baby K'tan baby carrier support ergonomic positioning for healthy hip development and provide soft support for the baby's head. The baby K'tan baby carrier's adjustable hook provides optimal back support for parents or adults carrying the baby.
  • Easy to clean, easy to store: Made of 100% natural cotton, the original Baby K'tan baby carrier is as comfortable as it is easy to keep clean. Machine washable, suitable for dryer. All Baby K'tan baby carriers come in a matching carrying bag that becomes a sash that provides additional support for certain positions. Simply turn the carrying bag out and it becomes a sash with a handy pocket. When you finish using the tape, turn the right side and you will have a carrying bag to hold your baby carrier.
  • Easy as 1-2-3: The Baby K'tan baby carrier allows you to carry the baby with your hands free, without buckles, without complications anytime, anywhere. Remove your Baby K'tan baby carrier from the carrying bag, fold the loops like a collar or scarf, place the baby carrier on your head with the connector loop behind your neck, place an arm through each loop and then lower the outer loop to your hip. Now you are ready for one of the five positions of the Baby K'tan baby carrier.